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Laboratory Policy

  • Exceptional 7 to 10 work day turnaround for all orders.
  • Free local pick-up and delivery. (Call for details)
  • Cast storage for 6 months or return with the order at no extra charge.
  • Free adjustment within the first 60 days. After initial 60 days a modification charge of $12.00 plus Shipping & Handling will be applied for all adjustments.
  • Orders are sent by UPS or USPS whenever possible. Shipping plus Handling charge of $2.00 will be applied to all invoices. FREE Inbound shipping.
Invoicing and Terms
  • Open accounts are established to qualified individuals or companies when the initial order is placed. However, we reserve the right to require a credit application.
  • A detailed invoice will be sent with each shipment. Accounts are expected to pay from invoice.
  • All major credit cards is accepted. Account number, expiration date and signature must be on file at the lab.
  • A second pair discount for orthoses to be made from a pair of existing positive casts will receive a discount of 25% (not apply with SYSTEM-RX). This also applies to casts sent back with the orthosis or casts from another lab.
    Note: We do reserve the right to refuse work from casts that do not meet our standards.
  • 15 day Net payment discount of 5% available for all accounts if payment mailed not later then 15 days from the date printed on the invoice. The 5% discount doesn't applies to credit cards payments.
Globus Orthotics Lab offers the following limited warranty on all itís prescription devices:
  • The shell of the device is warranted against breakage for the patientís lifetime.
  • Cover, padding and all others components of orthosis are covered for 6 months.
  • Abuse (including use on rung ladders or with shovels), prolonged exposure to the elements, loss or outgrowth of the orthotic device is not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not apply to changes made by the doctor or prescribing clinic.
  • There are no refund on de devises inappropriately ordered or rejected by the patient.
You Choose the Savings

Hand Corrected: The hand corrected technique for making neutral position orthotics is to take the negative cast,convert it to a positive and add the corrections. A custom orthotic is then pressed to the corrected positive model to create a handmade custom orthotic.

System-RX: System_RX is computerized cast correction system.The data is taken form your negative casts and entered into the system.Corrections are then added per the prescription.The computer generates a positive cast to wich we press a custom orthotic.By using System-RX you eliminate the labor expense of pouring and correcting the positive cast by hand.